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About Us

The Blue & Gold Store was created to support student run non-profit companies that operate each fall. These companies donate their proceeds from selling their products/donations at the end of the fall semester. Overstock merchandise is sold throughout the year to fund the operation of the online store. We have a limited quantity of extra stock available for sale.   

We can ship items right to your door or you can pick up your products in the Madeira High School office for free!

Enjoy our products and be sure to tell your friends!

The Blue and Gold Store Team


Founders: Hannah Schigel (2014) Nicole Palatchi (2014) Chloe Henry (2014)
Ronnie Huon (2014) Jayne Johnston (2014) Zane Kuntz (2015) Ellie Bisbee (2014)



Noah Bass

Noah is a 2015 graduate of Madeira High School and a front end developer (he makes websites). He led the building of this website. You can find his stuff at noahbass.com.