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Dogs For A Cause

Dogs for a Cause is a non-profit organization that has partnered with the Battle Buddy Foundation to support veteran's suffering from PTSD. These veterans struggle to function in society after returning home from war. All net profit will be donated to help train and feed the service dogs that Battle Buddy donates to soldiers living with PTSD.

Dogs for a Cause's mission is to improve the quality of life for men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. When they realized that 22 veterans commit suicide each day because they cannot cope with life after war, they knew that they had to support a cause to help these heroes. They are working hard to improve the lives of these selfless individuals by partnering with Battle Buddy to provide support through the use of service dogs. Twenty-two lives per day is too many! Help them change that number to ZERO!

God Bless America!

Alex Alloy, Jack Cravaack, Trey Kanet, James Lytle, Natalie Heisser, Emily Mills, Adam Wieczorek, and Casey Wirsing

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